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I’ve published two books and have contributed essays to several publishers.

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in search of silence, OUT NOW, simon & schuster

My follow-up book to Chase The Rainbow is a broader look at how you address, decipher and reconstruct what gives you meaning in your life from relationships to work.

Too many of us make decisions while we are on auto-pilot, and this is about living an actively-chosen, meaningful life.

Weaving in elements of travel across India, Nepal and New Zealand, it’s a sharp, funny and poetical look at the questions we all should ask about our lives, woven in with my own experiences.

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chase the rainbow
out now, published by simon & schuster 

My debut book is a memoir-meets-journalism work, based on life with my husband Rob. He suffered with depression and addiction, and tragically took his own life in 2015. The book is essentially a love story - our story - but it was critical for me to raise awareness about all of the issues considered so taboo in our society from suicide to mental illness. It has provided a lot of comfort to those in similar situations, and education for those who haven't had much dealings with these things that are so huge and hidden in our society. 

The Pool Life Honestly


A collection of essays about women and life from the award-winning website The Pool - I have several essays featured in this massive compendium. “Within these pages you’ll find an un-airbrushed selection of advice, comment and opinion. These are intimate stories from bad sex to bad boys, from workplace inequality to the sheer joy of learning something new, that will spark hope, triumph and occasionally outrage. This book will make you feel empowered, supported and more prepared than ever to take on anything life has to offer.”