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I have written for The Guardian, The Observer, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, The Pool, Stylist, Red, Cosmo and The Daily Telegraph. However, my most extensive online body of work sits on
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 KTB Wedding Photography

KTB Wedding Photography

 Meadow Hall School

Meadow Hall School

in the end, there is only room for love

I wrote an open letter to my husband Rob who took his own life in 2015, that was shared by 14K people and liked 71K times. It went viral globally. 

"I wondered about whether to write this to you, in such a public way. But I think considering how much we talked over the last year about mental illness and how strongly we felt that not talking about it in society contributed to the sense of shame and stigma that surrounds it, I know you’d want me to do this." 


mindfulness in schools is giving children vital tools for mental wellbeing

This was part of the Duchess of Cambridge guest editorship project Young Minds Matter, which centred about mental wellbeing for children.

"In schools, which are naturally frenetic environments, advocates believe this can have a big effect on a child in terms of focus, kindness, empathy and self-understanding.

"Imagine the impact it could have on bullying and the ability to self-regulate at a much younger age, they say."

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This was part of Building Modern Men in 2015, a special project to address the high male suicide rate in the UK. 

"Stephen Manderson aka Professor Green and I belong to a special club.

"I’m not talking about Shoreditch House, which is where we are initially meant to meet before the location of our interview moves to his house in South East London. This is the kind of club no one wants to join; no one wants to be a member of."

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as a woman of colour this is what womens march london means to me

My blog for one of the most historic women's marches:

"It’s about telling little girls - who will learn about this in history classes in years to come - that we weren’t okay with it.

"That women wanted their basic rights and values as human beings acknowledged, and that the election of Trump and the continuing disparity in female representation in every industry, at every level in the UK, is evidence that this is still not happening."